Our site uses a secure transaction through FreeKassa.

Our site uses a secure transaction through FreeKassa. Paying the order, the buyer does not lose money. In the case when the seller is unable to fulfill the order — the money is returned to the buyer. If the seller is seen in fraud — FreeKassa permanently blocks such an account. To pass the check and receive payments through FreeKassa, it was necessary to: register a legal entity, open an account in a bank, provide passport data, legal entity data, describe in detail the scope of activities and pass moderation.

Security account and skins.

Using our service, the account and skins will remain secure. The SSL certificate is installed on the site, the account data is encrypted and will not be received by third parties. Before you give away an account to fulfill an order, Steam Guard is turned off — which blocks the exchange of items for 2 weeks. You also need to install on the Family View account — this will close access to the settings. Before boosters start working, they pass a special test. In our practice, most guys just pretend to be boosters. In fact, take an account and merge the rating. Therefore, we have to carefully monitor those who work in our team.

Sell only your accounts

Thousands of positive reviews in the VC group and on the site. Records of streams in the VC group and on our twitch channel. On our site there is no purchase of accounts with hands for resale. The site sells accounts made by our hands, registered on our emails. For accounts, the first mail + first letter. Marketplace is closed. All this ensures that the account will not be restored after purchase.

Responsive support

Our service is based on the idea: there are no ideal companies, but there are companies that care for customers and correct shortcomings. Having written your question in support of you, you will receive a detailed answer. Our managers will help to understand the problems relating to the order and functionality of the site.